This site is currently hosted on GitHub Pages (source code here) and serves as the landing page for my #100DaysOfCode documentation. Though the UI will continue to improve as project time allows, my primary focus is not to grow as a front-end developer - I am dedicated to data. My projects will vary (and I do feel it's important for data scientists to be familiar with web design/development) but should generally have data science and machine learning at their core.

Part of my motivation for this endeavor is to ensure that I am coding out in the open, as too much of my development has been on private projects.


  • Commit to at least 60 minutes per day of coding visibly - public projects held in public repos.
  • Document #100DaysOfCode activity daily.
  • Publish notes (with link to project repo) on GitHub Project Page for each project.
  • Organize projects by domain: Data Science / ML, Web Dev, Community Engineering, Fundamentals / Katas, etc.
  • Contribute generously, shooting for more than just commits. My pull requests and issues have increased, but I'd like to do more code reviews!
  • No need to tweet about it daily, just document it here and tweet as usual.*

*Note: The official challenge site (100daysofcode.com) has recommendations and resources for anyone wishing to undertake similar endeavors. They recommend tweeting about progress daily, but I'm choosing to tweet weekly or as needed.